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Chains, franchises and multi-unit operators often face extensive manual processes to manage and report on their unique environments. OpSuite offers complete hierarchy management with unlimited levels between the enterprise and the store. Every aspect of the operation can be controlled by level down to the individual store. Store results are reported real time back to OpSuite for comprehensive National, regional, and store level reporting.
OpSuite Location Group Screen Shot - Click image for larger view. Use Location Groups to set up as many different hierarchy tier levels as you need for your business. Then assign individual locations to the correct tier and they will automatically grouped for reporting and management.
OpSuite Item Setup Screen Shot - click for larger view Comprehensive tools allow you to see data from every location. Determine at what level items can be manipulated. Or lock all items so they are only managed at the Enterprise level. 
OpSuite Item Location Screen Shot - Click image for larger view.  An example of managing items locations. Select individual store or warehouse locations, select the entire enterprise or just certain regions. All other item elements including pricing and costs are controlled and calculated on a location by location basis and then may be rolled up for global reporting.